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Maritim Consult provides consulting on aids to navigation so you save resources and get the right solution for your project.

20 years in the industry has made us ATON specialists, and in partnership with our suppliers, we offer up-to-date solutions at competitive prices. 

We offer individualised solutions based on an in-depths dialogue about the maritime conditions and your needs, and our consulting services are based on calculations, practical experience and our knowledge about AtoN's.

Master mariner and harbour master

Maritim Consult was founded by Peter Barsøe Bohsen, who has a background as Master Mariner and harbour master. We therefore know the market and the tough conditions under which our products and services must operate.

Peter Barsøe Bohsen introduced plastic buoys to the Danish market in 1997, and since then the company has become a full-service AtoN supplier.



We can help you, among other things

Marking of work areas at offshore wind farms

Consulting, coaching, assessment and setup of your individual solution

AtoN's that meets your and the government requirements

Assistance within Aquaculture projects

We are always looking for partners, who can help us develop our business and ensure our position in the market. 

Finding the right customer solution is key
Aids to Maritime navigation is an important tool to ensure high safety in fairways and ports. Thus, finding the right solution that suits each individual customer is important to us and our customers. 

Our customers are the most important part of our business; thus, we aim for high levels of customer satisfaction as we believe customer loyalty is closely related to customer satisfaction. 


We value our partners 
Without our partners we would not exist, and we know that. Therefore, we value our partners, and strive to develop close relationships, and partnerships which are mutual beneficial. Furthermore, we believe that an open and honest communication is in the best interest for all parties, as it ensures a healthy foundation for a partnership.  


We are looking for a strong partnership
At Maritim Consult, we believe that a big part of our success is due to our core values, that we treat everybody with respect, we take care of our customers and partnerships and we go to great length to ensure win-win situations both for our customers and partners. 

Perhaps you are what we are missing? 
Are you a strong partner? Who have many of the above mentioned values as your own? Do you see a business opportunity with Maritim Consult that can be mutual beneficial, then contact our Business Developer today, and let's see what the future holds for us? 

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