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Cases Establishment of a new waterway in Vordingborg

Maritim Consult have taken part in the construction of a new fairway in Vordingborg, Denmark. The project involved dredging of a new fairway and establishment of new ATON’s.


As part of the whole project, new buoys had to be deployed in order for the vessels to navigate safely in and out of the channel. A total of 26 buoys were deployed, and based on the conditions in the area as well as water depth, the 300/4 marker buoy was chosen for the job.

Furthermore, a new leading line consisting of a front and rear light was established. The front lights was placed on a platform offshore while the rear light was placed on land.
As it wasn’t possible to connect the offshore platform to main current, it was chosen to run both leading lights on solar power. The had to run 24 hours a day, so Maritim Consult has to find a useful and energy efficient solution that met the requirements. 
The solution was a NS100 leading light with a SPB100 solar system as power pack.

Maritim Consult also supplied two aluminium triangles as daymarks on the front and rear lights. They were covered with folio, to improve the visibility in daylight.

Maritim Consult was in charge of delivery and deployment of the buoys, as well as delivery, installation and alignment of the leading light, triangles and mast.

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