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Cases Maintenance-free and safe mole marking

Maritim Consult has delivered all AtoN markings for a major Danish port, which needed a safe and maintenance-free solution. The AtoN's are used in connection with a new pier for cruise liners and fishing boats.


Our services involve the delivery of pier lights for both inner and outer breakwaters and PEL lights to guide large  ships safely to the port.  Maritim Consult has designed the solution in cooperation with the customer to ensure that all needs are covered.

Solar panels produce power
There is 1.5 km to the tip of the new pier. That is a long and expensive stretch to lay cables on. The pier lights from Maritim Consult have therefore been provided with solar-powered batteries.

Calculation of battery capacity
Part of the job involved calculating how much battery capacity is needed to make the lights run all year. 
In this connection, it was taken into account that it is darker during winter and from how far out the lights must be visible. Both are key factors in ensuring that ships make it safely to shore.

Sturdy design
The environment in the Danish port places high demands on the structure of the ATONs. That is why all materials are surface treated and meet corrosion class C5 so that they can withstand the salty environment in the port.

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