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Cases Buoys for storing measuring equipment

Maritim Consult has supplied buoys to store measuring equipment for a large tunnelling project in a Norwegian fjord. The equipment is expensive and difficult to move, so it is important that it is stored on a stable platform.


The Norwegian fjord is 500-600 metres deep, making it impossible to erect a bridge. The alternative is an immersed tunnel, but before work on this can begin, project managers need accurate data on current conditions, wave height and wildlife, among other things.

Standard buoy with customisation

The equipment for the measurements is very expensive and needs to be on the water 24 hours a day. Therefore, it must be stored securely. Maritim Consult advised on the options and came up with the most optimal solution together with the customer.

"We used the standard Trident 2600 buoy, which is customised for the task. Specifically, this means that we have, for example, fitted an extra hatch to make it easier to get the equipment into the tower," says Rasmus Bohsen, Sales Manager at Maritim Consult.

Marking secures equipment
While the buoys store the measuring equipment, they also act as the markings that prevent collisions with ships. This is an important function because the equipment is both inside the buoys and in the water below them. The buoys are equipped with an AIS system, so they are physically visible in the water and can be seen on electronic charts. This makes it easy for ships to navigate around them.

Fast delivery prevents project delays
Good co-operation between Maritim Consult and the customer resulted in fast delivery and start-up of the measurements on time, so the customer met their deadlines. The buoys were delivered in six weeks instead of the standard 8-10 weeks.

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