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Cases Mooring buoys save fuel costs

Maritim Consult has delivered six mooring buoys for a large Danish wind farm where crew vessels had to be moored at the farm. This saves fuel costs since the vessels do not need to return to the port every day.


At offshore wind farms, the crew such as service technicians need to be brought from one wind turbine to the next in crew vessels that normally return to the port every evening. This involves payroll costs for the crew 
and fuel costs.

Crew vessels moored at buoys
The solution from Maritim Consult, allows the wind farm to cut away these costs. The solution consists of six buoys at which the crew can moor the crew vessels at night and when they wait for jobs.

At the same time, the mooring buoys allow the crew to turn of the engines of the vessel. That offers an advantage since it is no longer necessary to have at least one crew member on call all the time.

Safety is alpha and omega
The buoys must be large enough to accommodate the crew vessels, and it is important that they offer a high degree of safety. The buoys therefore have a radar reflector and a solar-powered lantern to make them visible on the water and on ship radars and so that they can be used day and night.

Maritim Consult has provided consulting services to the wind farm about the options and has delivered the entire solution, including chains, anchor chocks and deployment.

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