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SL70 er en kompakt solcellelanterne med en lysvne op til 3 sømil. Den er udstyret med to solcellepaneler, så den har mulighed for at operere i områder med lav indladning.


Den er designet til at kræve minimal vedligeholdelse og kan installeres på kort tid.


Det er muligt at udstyre lanternen med GPS synkronisering, så to eller flere lanterner blinker synkront. Dette øger synligheden for sejleren.


The SL70 model is a high-performance solar marine lantern with a visible range of 2-3NM. The SL70 is unique in its proven ability to operate reliably in low sunlight conditions due to the dual solar modules that are angled for maximum sunlight capture and integrated within the lens. The SL70 is designed to be maintenance-free, installed in minutes, and has a service life of up to 12 years.


The lantern is suitable for applications in a number of industries including; aquaculture, marinas, waterside construction, and ports and harbours.


Optional GPS synchronisation allows two or more units set to the same flash character to flash in unison, improving visual recognition of boundaries or marine channels.

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