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AQUAMOOR serien er tilgængelig i 650 mm og 1000 mm diameter, og er designet med øget synlighed og bedre opdrift til dybere farvande. Fortøjningsbøjerne er rotationsstøbt af UV-stabiliseret PE og fyldt med lukket cellepolyurethanskum for at forhindre vandindtrængning ved eventuelle skader.


The range of AQUAMOOR Mooring Buoys are designed to offer customers long life and are suitable for most locations. The AQUAMOOR range is available in 650mm and 1000mm diameter, with increased visibility and buoyancy in deeper waters. The mooring buoys are rotationally-moulded from UV-stabilised virgin polyethylene and are foam filled with closed-cell polyurethane to prevent water ingress in the unlikely event of damage to the outer layer.


The Aquamoor Mooring Buoys are capable of supporting substantial loads, and are available in a range of colours for clear visibility.

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