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Aquafloat-800 bøjerne er rotationsstøbte i PE og leveres med en diameter på Ø800 i flere former og farver. Alle bøjerne følger IALA anbefalinger for bøjer.


Bøjen er fyldt med skum der forhindrer at den synker ved påsejlinger eller lignende.

De indstøbte løfteøjer giver nem og sikker håndtering.


The Sealite AQUAFLOAT-800 is a rotationally-moulded marker buoy series designed as a single piece, low-cost aid to marine navigation. With a large 800mm diameter, these buoys provide clear visibility and can be fitted with a range of marine lanterns.


The AQUAFLOAT-800 series of buoys are available in various configurations to suit IALA requirements, and are rotationally moulded in high-visibility, UV-stabilised polyethylene. Moulded inserts on the top section of the float allow for convenient lantern attachment, while the buoys are foam filled with closed-cell polyurethane to prevent water ingress in the unlikely event of damage.


Moulded-in stainless steel lifting eyes in the SL-AQF800-CAN and SL-AQF800-CONE buoys enable ease of maintenance and servicing

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