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IML200 IB er designet til hårde aktiske områder med lave temperaturer og isbelastning. Med den robuste opbygning af marine metal samt flade profil, er lanternen idéel til brug på bøjer.


Lanternerne kan synkroniseres via GPS og indstillinger gøres med en infrarød fjernbetjening.


The IML200IB LED signal lantern is designed for harsh Arctic environments. Extremely robust and having a low profile, it has a scattering lens for consistent horizontal divergence (horizontally placed high intensity LEDs). Light output can be programmed according to visibility. The base and top function as a heat sink, and the lantern can be remotely controlled.


For synchronising additional lanterns, the flasher has a hard-wired input/output connection. Power supply cable comprises marine-grade polyurethane. Compared to conventional lanterns, this lantern has a large vertical divergence, better intensity of emitted light with regards to power consumption, LED long life expectancy and is highly reliable.

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