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Ledefyr SL48


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SL48 ledefyret er designet med 1, 2 eller 3 rækker LED pærer, afhængig af den ønskede intensitet. Den indbyggede fotocelle styrer selv tænd/sluk, mens IP68 graden sikrer at vand og støv holdes ude.


Modellen fås med GPS synkronisering, samt mulighed for overvågning og styring via GSM og satellit.


The SL48 is a 2ft LED leading light designed to offer vessels clear night navigation and is a convenient replacement for conventional lead lighting. The unit is available in 3 configurations utilising either single, dual, or triple row LED circuits as a light source.


The advanced circuitry of the SL48 series comprise of a DC/DC converter, current control and automatic night activation. The innovative, robust design of the SL-48 leading light ensures years of reliable, maintenance-free service. The unit is completely water, dust & rust proof, and vandal resistant


The SL48 leading light is also available with hard-wire or GPS Synchronisation and GSM Remote Monitoring and Control capabilities. When leading lights flash in synchronisation, they can be clearly distinguished from other navaids and confusing background lighting.

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